#52 Dissection: The Goonies

Dissection Cover Art

To celebrate our second anniversary, we created a fully scripted radioplay version of NPR’s Radiolab! Featuring a slew of Goonies easter eggs, we talked about the kid’s adventures as an in-universe radio program. We hope Jad Abumrad is impressed and not mad. ❤
Voice credits to:
Andrew, Lynne and Tripp Laino, Gig and Emily, Ben Deane (http://bendeanemusiclessons.weebly.com), Nathan and Oscar Oravec, Chris Long, Zeluis Teixeira, John Bennet (Mondo Baltimore) and Sarah Rosenshine.
Sounds courtesy of Freesound.org users below:
“GeelongJail-3.wav” Mark Edwards, Greenside Productions
“Children Playing – Language 0408.wav” Adam D. Danz
“80’s Blender (Water + Ice) High Speed”
“Hundreds of bats screaming and coming out of their nest” felix.blume
“Wind Up Toy.wav” lmbubec
“Splash, Jumping, F.wav” InspectorJ
“waving flag”AlaskaRobotics
“Helicopter Landing” Mings
“Roaring House Fire Wall Fall In.wav” 7778
“Car races off countdown 2.WAV” luminadii
“Police cars pass by with sirens blaring.wav” Rookiee
“aaronsiler_musket 2.wav” aaronsiler
“Ambient battle noise: swords and shouting” pfranzen
“Call to Adventure, Enchanted Valley, Inner Sanctum Marty Gots a Plan, Odyssey, Open Those Bright Eyes, Peppers Theme, The Builder, Volatile Reaction, Newsting, Ouroboros,” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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