#20 Road House


Tripp and Andrew got crazy for Swayze from the summer heat, so they took a trip to the Double Deuce in Road House! Apologies for the audio quality, we were in a new room and didn’t notice the echo when recording/testing.

How many of life’s problems can you solve with kicks? Is Sam Elliot the best Robin-to-a-Batman of all time? Is there a grosser sex scene in cinema history? What world are we in where a cooler makes this much money? Is this movie secretly poetry (Yes. Yes it is).

This episode also features the debut of Mom’s Mancrush Minute AND the Back to the Future mini-sode, where Tripp and Andrew talk about a current flick! In this initial installment, Andrew raves about Jurassic World, and Tripp is a crotchety old man.


“NewsSting, Ouroboros” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


#19 Baby: Secret of the Lost Legend


In honor of the release of Jurassic World, Jurassic Park lovers Tripp and Andrew discuss 1985’s Baby: Secret of the Lost Legend!

Where is the rest of this movie? Has there ever been a worse looking dinosaur? Are the cold, lifeless eyes of Baby the most horrifying thing on earth? Did good dinosaur movies start and end with Jurassic Park in 1993? Which sequel is worse? All this and so much more!
Thanks to Kevin MacLeod for the songs!